de Golyer Bucking Horse & Bull Bash is an event that was created from one thought to the next with dreams and plans in mind. We started from ground zero and our first show grew and become a huge success. We are now working on our second year of entertainment and family fun. This show is something very important and close to our hearts we put a lot of time and work into this show! We have a lot of wonderful friends and family that have pulled together with us, supported us and worked just as hard. If it wasn't for all of the support of our volunteers, riders and spectators our show would not be what it is becoming.

        Our first year Cody and I started purchasing horses that we thought would be the perfect candidates for ranch bronc and saddle bronc horses, we spent day in and day out taking care of them feeding them watering them trimming their feet and as most of ya'll know trimming these bucking horses feet was not easy but we choose to be very dedicated to taking care of them we started out with the purchase of two and it rapidly became 22 by June 10,2014. We spent Monday through Friday 8-5 loading hauling and with just a six horse trailer and not all of them wanting to load with each other it took us several trips to get them to and from the fairgrounds.

         Our days at the fairgrounds consisted of Cody and I loading 6 horses into the shoots brushing them rubbing on them worming them and just getting them use to being touched. After several months of desensitizing them with being touched and feeling the flank strap and a saddle we began practice bucking them and that is when we started to reach out to everyone we knew that would be willing to spend their days with us and our horses and let me tell you they were long hot days.

         We had several people for pick up work and several people for preparing the horse for it's out.  As we got closer to the show we slowed down on the bucking out and went back to the touching and rubbing. All of the horses we were taking to our show had proven to us that hard work and dedication does pay off.

         Our events were Ranch Bronc, Saddle Bronc and Bulls provided by Triple J bucking bulls we had mutton bustin for the little ones,  a tribute to our fallen cowboys and cowgirls from 2013-2014. We did a Kickoff concert Thursday night with Western Music artist JUNI FISHER and a bbq.  Our goal for our first year was to keep it local,  all 25 of our sponsors were local outfits that had put faith into us to advertise their businesses and all 27 vendors were local as well. We did not charge any vendors last year as we wanted everyone to experience as much exposure as they could for their business.  We had campsites available for anyone wanting to stay over night, we also had Merideth Minoletti put on her own barrel race which was a huge success as well.

           Our band for Friday night was  a local band we love very much SILVERWING and for Saturday night we had NEVADA HAZZURD free of charge for anyone that was wanting to stay and kick up their boots. As we prepare for the planning of this next year's show we hope to see YA'LL there supporting our local event and enjoying your fun filled weekend we have put together for you and your families. 

                                                                                Thank you, The de Golyer's